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A Note Of Thanks For Caregivers.

Let’s give thanks for our care givers in this season of thanksgiving.   Who were your caregivers?  What special moments do you remember about them?  How did they influence your life?  A caregiver could also be a teacher, a neighbor, or someone in your religious community; all of them shaped who you are.  This is the season to show your appreciation.


Perhaps a caregiver helped you care for your parents in their final years.  It’s hard work and often not well paid.  Remembering them now would give them a huge morale boost.  Show them you valued their contribution.

Before we get too close the turkey-stuffing, let’s take a minute, write them a note, or send a Thanksgiving card.  Your former caregiver will be touched by your thoughtfulness and appreciate it more than yet-another Christmas card.   It’s simple, inexpensive, and priceless.


Taking time to send cards teach those who will become your future caregivers; your children.  They may roll their eyes, or just not say anything; you are still making an impression.  You are leading by example, the most powerful teacher.  Perhaps you can “just stop off for a quick errand at the card shop” after picking them up from sports practice.  

You could ask their opinion on selecting a card.  They may choose to stare intently the nearest digital screen, as they absorb your values by mental osmosis.  Boys as well as girls need to be exposed now the role of care giving.  Younger children may appreciate a chance to draw a picture for your former caregiver.   They will get more out of the experience if you tell them how that person shaped your life.   You are teaching your children, at any age, that this role is a part of the life cycle and part of their future role in the family and society.  Thank you to all our caregivers.



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