Keep Dancing

My daughter sent me this photo and caption..



I don’t know where she got it.  The photo reminded me of a recent senior’s situation which I would like to share:

A recent patient shed tears because she no longer had friends.  Then she listed FOUR symptoms that would prevent her from attending a neighborhood gathering!    I pointed out that her perspective was the problem, not her medical issues.  Decades working with seniors have shown me that one’s medical diagnosis does not determine social engagement.  Some seniors push on taking their aches and pains along for the ride.  Others cite their aches and pains as reasons to withdraw.

Aches and pains are real, so are medical conditions. However, there’s more to life than medical conditions.    I’ve observed that those who engage in life usually have a “youthful perspective”. It begins with a youthful personal decision.  A youthful decision is forward-looking, if not for yourself; then for your children, grandchildren or future generations.  A youthful decision may not embrace all the new technology but agrees to contend with it and find a way to master it.  A youthful perspective becomes the driver helping us (seniors) to get up and dance alongside our aches and pains.  You’ll notice I said “us”.  I have joined the ranks of seniors myself.  I am determined to dance into my future!   Other seniors have shown me that such a decision becomes even more important as years pass.  So keep dancing, even if you must sit down between dances.



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