We All Walk For Alzheimer’s.



Last Saturday, Springfield held its Walk to End Alzheimer’s at Erin’s Pavilion in South Wind Park. The Alzheimer’s Association has come a long way; I know because I volunteered when they began these walks at Washington Park in 2008.

This year, the crowd was much larger. The opening ceremonies included singers as well as speeches. Most of all I was impressed with the family teams. Three daughters who had lost their Mother to Alzheimer’s came to the walk. Some family teams wore the photo of their loved one lost to Alzheimer’s. Other families had Tee shirts imprinted with their team’s name, referencing their lost member. One family designated their toddler as “#1 Coach” for their family team. He was named for their lost loved one.

This tragic disease impacts all ages. These teams illustrate, honor the impact and recognize those departed.  As the crowd embarked on the walk, they formed a sea of purple. I wish everyone every one could have seen that “wave of purple”; it’s always the right time to give to the Alzheimer’s Association.


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